Federchimica is the Italian Federation of the Chemical Industry. It is a member of Confindustria (General Confederation of the Italian Industry) and CEFIC (European Chemical Industry Council). Nowadays, in Federchimica there are 1350 member companies, with a total of 90.000 employees. The companies are grouped in 17 Sector Associations articulated into 41 Product Groups. The most important Sector Association is AISPEC -  the Italian Association of Fine Chemicals and specialized sectors. It is composed by 14 Product Groups dealing with Fine Chemicals, specialized sectors and engineering industry among these there is  Mapic - The Group of raw materials for cosmetic industry and additives for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. 

Mapic represents many companies which manufacture and market cosmetic’s raw materials: over eight thousand ingredients from different origin, characteristics and physico-chemical properties, belonging to all the pertinent categories (dyes, emollient and oily components, natural extracts, UV filters, functional principles, surfactants and emulsifiers, etc.).


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